EOL API: Pages

Versions: 1.0,   0.4


This older version of the Pages API method accepts the same parameters and returns nearly the same information. In fact the JSON response is identical to version 1.0, but the XML response has a slightly different structure.


Name Values Default Notes
batch true, false false returns either a batch or not
id any string ---
images 0 - 75 1 limits the number of returned image objects
videos 0 - 75 1 limits the number of returned video objects
sounds 0 - 75 0 limits the number of returned sound objects
maps 0 - 75 0 limits the number of returned map objects
text 0 - 75 1 limits the number of returned text objects
iucn true, false false include the IUCN Red List status object
subjects see notes overview 'overview' to return the overview text (if exists), a pipe | delimited list of subject names from the list of EOL accepted subjects (e.g. TaxonBiology, FossilHistory), or 'all' to get text in any subject. Always returns an overview text as a first result (if one exists in the given context).
licenses cc-by, cc-by-nc, cc-by-sa, cc-by-nc-sa, pd [public domain], na [not applicable], all all a pipe | delimited list of licenses or 'all' to get objects under any license. Licenses abbreviated cc- are all Creative Commons licenses. Visit their site for more information on the various licenses they offer.
details true, false false include all metadata for data objects
common_names true, false false return all common names for the page's taxon
synonyms true, false false return all synonyms for the page's taxon
references true, false false return all references for the page's taxon
taxonomy true, false true return any taxonomy details from different taxon hierarchy providers, in an array named "taxonConcepts"
vetted 0, 1, 2 0 If 'vetted' is given a value of '1', then only trusted content will be returned. If 'vetted' is '2', then only trusted and unreviewed content will be returned (untrusted content will not be returned). The default is to return all content.
cache_ttl any integer --- the number of seconds you wish to have the response cached

Test It Out

Name Required Value
id Yes
format Yes