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Mystery Associates

Last updated almost 3 years ago

These media objects depict two or more organisms of different species in close association, one feeding on the other, engaging in symbiotic behaviour, or simply being in close proximity. Not all of the organisms in the image/video/audio recording are identified! Do you know the unidentified one(s)?

If you're an EOL curator you can add the identity of the mystery organism to the media object right away.

If you're not a curator or a trained biologist, but you recognize one of our mystery associates and want to help, leave a comment on the image so we can track down the right curator to confirm it. (hint: if you like that sort of thing, you should become an assistant curator! )

Check the media object's caption and description for important clues like who the known associate is, where they were recorded or photographed, and any common names the creator may have applied to the mystery associate. You do not need to identify the associate all the way to the species level!

Check out the identifications we've added so far in Known Associates