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Census of Antarctic Marine Life

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The Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) is the project of the Census of Marine Life (CoML) devoted to Antarctica and investigates the distribution and abundance of Antarctic marine organisms, integrating knowledge across all regions, biomes, habitats and fields of study, with the final aim to make a census of all Antarctic species, from bacteria to megafauna. CAML's main biodiversity data have been collected during the International Polar Year (IPY) (2007-2008) from 18 vessel-based research expeditions. This bulk of information is completed by ongoing surveys of unworked Museum and research collections which will complete the information available for each Antarctic species known so far. CAML's biodiversity data are disseminated through CAML's sister program SCAR Marine Biodiversity Information Network (SCAR-MarBIN) fully interoperable with the Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS). CAML is also contributing to the Barcode of Life project (MarBOL) and iBOL, employing modern genomic techniques and coordinating the effort of different research groups to the final aim to have a barcode sequence for each Antarctic species of marine organisms. Last indexed October 1, 2010