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RI marine species

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    Anguilla rostrata

    American Eel

    whenever I think of eels I think of Electric Eels (bzzz...bzzzz) These Eels are not nocturnal but they do hide during the day. Also they live off the coast of Greenland, Canada, and parts of the US.

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    Tautoga onitis

    Black Porgy

    I never knew that these fish were hunted for sport. I personally don't agree on hunting as a sport. Also that these fish are very territorial.

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    Morone saxatilis

    Striped Bass

    I probably live right near some of these fish!!! I didn't know they live in bays and/or rivers (mostly in spring.)

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    Hippoglossoides platessoides

    American Plaice

    I don't get it these fish are most found in waters -0.5˙C - 2.5˙C. I would prefer warmer waters for my home.

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    Glyptocephalus cynoglossus


    Before this assignment I had never heard of this fish, but not I am happy to know that it lives on the muddy bottoms of the oceans in fairly deep water. Also it's max size is about 60 cm.

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    Mugil curema

    White Mullet

    I always think an animals sense if direction is amazing, for example this fish can find its way into estuaries and costal lagoons. They live up and down the east coast of the US and into Mexico, and the west coast of Africa and parts of Europe. Also around Australia

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    Homarus americanus

    American Lobster

    I love eating lobster, but never knew much about it. I've learned that it is the largest species of lobster, it can reach up to 1.1 meters! I also didn't know that they are found in shallow waters but more often in deeper waters. They also live as far up north as Labrador, Canada.