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  • 80755_88_88 Animalia > Canidae

    Canis latrans


    These omnivorous creatures are very adaptable, living in many places. They live either alone, in families, or packs, which sometimes depends where the live.

  • 47078_88_88 Animalia > Canidae

    Vulpes vulpes

    Red Fox

    The Red Fox can be active at all times of day. They have a varied diet, consisting of smaller animals, fruit, birds, etc. They are also scavengers at times.

  • 86763_88_88 Animalia > Mephitidae

    Mephitis mephitis

    Striped Skunk

    This is the most common skunk in North America. Like all skunks, the Striped Skunk has the ability to release a horrific odor from near its tail, which is its defense system. They are also nocturnal, and have a diet consisting of plants, insects and other animals.

  • 99807_88_88 Animalia > Mustelidae

    Neovison vison

    American Mink

    The American Mink is a semi-aquatic animal that is a very versatile predator. This animal feeds on a variety of animals, ranging from rabbits to eggs. The American Mink is also semi-nocturnal.

  • 86040_88_88 Animalia > Procyonidae

    Procyon lotor

    Northern Raccoon

    Raccoons are extremely adaptable animals, living in cities, garbage cans, wilderness, etc. They will eat almost anything they can get their paws on, from garbage to other wild animals.

  • 48950_88_88 Animalia > Mustelidae

    Martes pennanti


    Fishers are predators that will eat anything they can catch. They can even eat porcupines! They are active at all times of day.

  • 67072_88_88 Animalia > Muridae

    Ondatra zibethicus

    Common Muskrat

    Muskrats are named for their odor, which is especially strong during mating season. These semi-aquatic rodents lived mainly in brackish and freshwater waterways in North America.