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    Centropristis striata

    Black Sea Bass

    i was so interested commonly found around rock jetties and on rocky bottoms in shallow water.

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    Gadus morhua


    i would have never known that the migratory cod found off the coasts of Newfoundland, Iceland and Norway mature at around eight to 12 years old when they may weigh up to eight kilogrammes.

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    Arctica islandica

    Icelandic Cyprine

    I thought it was extremely interesting to see that quahogs were the longest living animal. The maximum ages were 225,268, and 374!

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    Girella cyanea


    I never knew that the max. length was 20.0 cm. The climate ranges between temperate measures.

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    Anguilla rostrata

    American Eel

    I had no idea that eels lived in streams. I always thought that Anguilla rostrata lived in salt water.