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Emerging languages on EOL

Last updated over 3 years ago

In addition to Arabic, Spanish and English, a variety of other languages are represented in EOL content. Biodiversity research is conducted and published in many languages, and new ones are arriving in EOL pages all the time. Some of our international partners, including Plazi and the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) provide us with content in several languages already. Here are some examples.

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  • 76818_88_88 Plantae > Poaceae

    Zea mays


    There are already 71 common names listed for this plant. Most likely because of its widespread cultivation, although several of the names hint at its inferiority compared to wheat.

  • 58791_88_88 Cupressaceae



    Check out the Common Names section under the Names tab for the array of languages in which Cupressus has been named. Name list courtesy of our partner uBio