Parasites of Humans

The Parasites of Humans Community is intended for individuals knowledgeable about the biology or medical aspects of eukaryotic (non-bacterial) organisms that regularly or occasionally parasitize humans. Members of this community share their knowledge by adding information to relevant taxon pages (and adding these pages to the Parasites of Humans Collection if they are not already included). Individuals with an interest in, but not necessarily special expertise about, parasites of humans are also encouraged to join this community and enrich pages with appropriately referenced information from authoritative sources. For information on how to add content to EOL, see How to Contribute Content to EOL.

Note that there is a parallel collection for parasites infecting domestic animals, the Parasites of Domestic Animals Collection. Of course, the vast majority of parasites infect animals that are neither humans nor domesticated animals and it would be wonderful to initiate communities and collections for these as well!

The Newsfeed for this EOL Community gathers updates associated with the items belonging to its Managed Collections, including activities of its members and comments from other EOL users.

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