Gulf of Mexico Biodiversity Community

On 20 April 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil well exploded in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven people and triggering an oil spill that would continue over the next five months. This tragedy drew the attention of the whole world to this beautiful yet fragile region with its spectacular aquatic and terrestrial landscapes and wildlife. While the Gulf slowly recovers, the plants, animals, fungi and microbes that inhabit this ocean, its beaches, estuaries, and islands remain at risk. We can all contribute to their survival by keeping a close watch on their fate and raising awareness of continuing and emerging threats.

This community celebrates the biodiversity of Gulf of Mexico marine and coastal ecosystems. Please join us and learn about Gulf of Mexico species, participate in discussions, and share your knowledge by contributing articles and images to EOL taxon pages and building your own collections.

The Newsfeed for this EOL Community gathers updates associated with the items belonging to its Managed Collections, including activities of its members and comments from other EOL users.

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