Ocean Biogeographic Information System

First published on EOL about 8 years ago; Last updated about 3 years ago;

About Ocean Biogeographic Information System

Explore data on locations of marine animals and plants. Obtain data tables and maps and predict distributions using environmental information. Note: the information on depth ranges was not verified by taxonomic specialists, or by the OBIS project. Specifically, we are aware of some instances where data providers have substitutes a missing value with '0' - resulting in erroneous surface records for deep-sea species. Please do leave a comment on a suspect depth range displayed on EOL or contact the data management team at data@iobis.org to report these and any other issues you would come across. Visit the OBIS web site at http://www.iobis.org if you want to check on doubtful records; it is possible to look on a combination of depth and taxonomy, and thus to identify individual offending records.

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