Simone Nunes Brandão

2010 EOL Rubenstein FellowsSimone Nunes Brandão

Simone Nunes Brandão on the deck of the Research Vessel Polarstern during the ANDEEP III expedition in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean.

Ostracods (Crustacea), Living Encyclopedias of Life

University of Hamburg Zoological Museum, Hamburg,Germany

2010 EOL Fellow

Simone is an expert on the biodiversity, biogeography, and systematics of Ostracoda. She proposes to stimulate collaboration among ostracod researchers worldwide via an EOL LifeDesk and to create species pages that include taxonomic information, digitized literature, biogeographic information, descriptions, and illustrations and images. Simone is working with Dr. Ivana Karanovic, of the University of Hamburg, and Dr. Yasuhara Moriaka, of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Simone's first scientific education as a technican in biotechnology began when at 15, in Rio de Janeiro. She then studied biology from 1995 to 2000 (focus on marine biology) at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. In these years she was involved in research projects in botany, genetics, biochemistry, and zoology. Her Master of Science (2000-2002) was in the Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro. Since this time she has been working on the morphology, biogeography, biodiversity, genetics, and palaeoenvironmental aspects of Ostracoda (focus on Southern Ocean and deep-sea). In 2004, she began her Ph.D. at the Universitaet Hamburg under the supervisorship of Dr Dietmar Keyser. Simone enjoys being in contact with, learning, and teaching other people and thinks we can amplify the efficiency and impact of research by collaborating with other scientists. Therefore, she has been working with colleagues from diverse institutions and countries (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, England, Germany, Japan, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, USA).

Simone's other scientific activities include the revision of a list of recent ostracod species, which will be uploaded to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) (; the compilation of all records of recent Ostracoda from the deep-sea worldwide, which will be uploaded to the Census of the Diversity of Abyssal Marine Life (CEDAMAR) webpage (; the taxonomic edition of the Ostracoda in the Register of Antarctic Marine Species (RAMS) in the SCAR Marine Biodiversity Information Network (SCAR-MarBIN) (; and the compilation of all records of Ostracoda from the Southern Ocean, also for the SCAR-MarBIN portal.

Ostracod LifeDesk

Shell of a specimen of the genus Dutoitella, which lived at 3.913 meters depth in the Scotia Sea, Southern Ocean.