Vocalization of Rhinella marina, from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution (STRI) in Panama. Image Credit: Brian Gratwicke, CC BY

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Finding Media

Finding Media on EOL 

EOL's multimedia collection includes images, videos, sounds and podcasts. Learn how to search for, find and filter multimedia on EOL.
Finding Media

Scarlet Macaw. Credit: Geoff Gallice, Flickr: EOL Images. CC BY

xeno-canto Bird Sounds

xeno-canto America is a community database of shared bird sounds from the Americas. 
xeno-canto Bird Sounds

Masked Tree Frog Credit: Alexander T. Baugh, Amphibians of Panama. CC BY-NC

Amphibians of Panama

Sounds from Panama’s diverse and unique amphibians. 
Amphibians of Panama Sounds

Credit: Brsev. CC BY-NC

Sound Collections

A collection of species sounds found on EOL. 
Sound Collections

EOL Help Pages for Sound

Dive deeper into EOL Help pages for more information about contributing sounds and EOL's licensing policy. 
EOL Help Pages for Sound

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Sharing Sounds on EOL 

Share your species sounds or recordings on EOL! Sounds can be uploaded to our SoundCloud Group and will then be imported onto EOL taxon pages.