EOL Education Innovation Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of EOL’s outreach efforts?

Visit EOL News for EOL brochures, annual reports, press releases, other EOL outreach materials and social media, including the EOL Blog. As of February 1, 2012 EOL has over 54,000 registered users and our quarterly newsletter reaches almost 60,000 people. We also conduct outreach through our many international partners.

Do I have to be in the United States to submit an application?

The call for ideas and applications is a global process and projects can be submitted from anywhere.However, the initial project desciption, the final product and all supporting documentation and materials need to be in English.

Do I have to submit a completed project to be eligible for an award?

You need to submit a completed project description that details the goals of the project.  Your product may be complete, under development or still in the conceptual phase.However, to be eligible for an award, you will need to demonstrate that the finished, working product would cost $50,000 or less.

When will the prize be announced and dispersed?

If you have been invited to compete in Stage 2 of the process, you will be notified by mid-July 2012 if your submission is selected as a winning application.  Winners will be announced and paid when the final, working product is delivered to EOL.  Winners who do not deliver a final, working product will not be announced or paid. EOL reserves the right to award 0, 1 or greater than 1 award(s) for a total up to US $50,000.

Do I have to release my product code to the open source community during the application process?

No.  Only winner(s) of this competition will be required to release their code to open source.

Other Questions?

We encourage applicants to post questions and comments on the EOL Education Innovation Challenge Community.  Alternatively, you can contact education@eol.org with your questions.