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A feature of all hornbills is their unique breeding system in which the female is sealed into the nest by the male for the duration of incubation (6). The Visayan tarictic nests in natural holes in dead or living trees, at an average height of 11 meters, in March and April (7). The male seals the nest entrance with wood flakes and food remains (2), and will feed the female by regurgitating food during the 55 to 58 days she remains on the nest, incubating the two or three eggs (7). The Visayan tarictic generally breeds in pairs (8). The Visayan tarictic has a diet primarily of fruit, and uses its long bill to reach selected items and toss them back into its gullet (2) (9). It also feeds on insects, earthworms, fish and lizards, and searches for food low down in the forest, and occasionally on the forest floor, at the forest edge and by clearings (2) (6).


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