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Uperodon globulosus is identified by its balloon shape, which is partly due to its lungs that have the capacity to inflate past the backbone level. Uperodon globulosus is distinguished from the geographically similar U. systoma by its plain brown/grey color on top and solid white venter. U. systoma on the other hand, has a marbled dorsum with colors ranging from olive or pink with dark brown and a white venter. U. systoma also has a mottled brown throat (Daniel 2002).

Description:Adult males measure about 65 mm and females, 84 mm. In general, the dorsum is smooth skinned; the skin on the venter is wrinkled. The species has a small head, a rounded snout, and “beady” eyes. The tympanum is indistinct. U. globulosus has an interorbital width between its eyes that is 2.5-3 times larger than the width of the upper eyelid (Daniel 2002). An occipital fold is present and there is an indistinct fold from the eye to the shoulder. This fossorial species has short hindlimbs and metatarsal tubercles that are used as shovels for digging. The tibio-tarsal articulation does not reach the shoulder. The toes have a small amount of webbing. The fingers are distinct. The first finger is shorter than the second, which is longer than the fourth (Parker 1934; Daniel 2002).

Coloration:In adults, Uperodon globulosus is usually solid brown/grey dorsally and white ventrally, but during breeding season, the throat is spotted with yellow and black (Daniel 2002).

Tadpoles have an olive-brown coloration on the dorsum, with a whitish colored tail and dark blotchy longitudinal stripes. Its flanks and venter are both spotted with dark coloration (Daniel 2002).

U. globulosus was first described by Günther (1864)(Frost 2011).

The karyotype is as follows: 2n=26 (Chakrabarti 1978).


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