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Banded lapwing

The banded lapwing (Vanellus tricolor) is a small to medium-sized wader of the plover family. It is found over most of Australia and Tasmania though is absent from the northern third of the continent.

Banded lapwings are characterised by a black cap, white ear-stripe and black band around the breast, with white throat and 'bib'. The eye is yellow, encircled by a fleshy yellow ring; a small red wattle lies at the base of the yellow bill. Wings are brown, underbelly is white and legs are red.

There are two species and one subspecies of lapwing in Australia, the other being the more common and much larger masked lapwing,[2] which is split into Vanellus miles miles and Vanellus miles novaehollandiae.[3] The banded Lapwing is also less conspicuous, inhabiting open spaces with short grass or stubble. It nests on the ground in a shallow scrape lined with small stones, twigs or animal droppings. Its voice is a loud "er-chill-chaar-char".

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