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Along with Ramphastos sulfuratus (keel-billed toucan), the adult R. swainsonii (chesnut-mandibled toucan) is one of the largest toucans. The male grows to be as large as 55-60 cm and the female reaches 50-53 cm. The beak alone can reach up to 15-20 cm depending on sex and age. Like many toucans this bird is brightly colored. The main color is black with patches of different hues on the body. The hindneck and upper back are a shade of maroon. It has a yellow "bib" on the throat and chest area which is bordered on the bottom by a narrow white line, followed by a red band. The rump of the bird is white with a red crissum--the feathers or area surrounding a bird's cloacal opening. The area around the eye is a yellowish-green and the iris is olive. The bill is also colorful. The base of the bill is dark red becoming blackish toward the tip on the lower mandible, on the maxilla, it is sulfur-yellow. The legs are bright blue. The young chesnut-mandibled toucan is not as brightly colored. It is a sooty black with a duller yellow "bib," and a paler red crissum (Meyer de Schavensee 1964; Skutch & Stiles 1989).

Range mass: 580 to 750 g.

Other Physical Features: endothermic ; bilateral symmetry


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