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    Marcus Schultz commented on "Macropanesthia rhinoceros Saussure, 1895":

    @Michael Hecht: I am told that eucalyptus leaves are the best food. But the only thing stopping me from purchasing some via Amazon, is their diet. Could they be fed things similar to Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches? I imagine a roach cannot be too picky, or there wouldn't be so many of them! Can they be held as much as you would a MHC? I found a source saying they get stressed if held too much. Stress can cause them to lose weight apparently among other problems. So would I be safe in buying dried eucalyptus leaves via Amazon as well?

    over 1 year ago

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    Hans-Martin Braun added the German common name "Australische Großschabe" to "Macropanesthia rhinoceros Saussure, 1895".

    over 2 years ago

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    Jeff Holmes changed the thumbnail image of "Image of Macropanesthia rhinoceros".

    over 3 years ago

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    Michael Hecht commented on "Macropanesthia rhinoceros Saussure, 1895":

    This species eats particularly the dry, fallen leaves of the fever tree. Its non-scientific name "Giant Burrowing Roach" is founded on the fact, that Macropanesthia rhinoceros, burrows itself into the soil of the Queensland fever tree woods. At night they come to surface, looking for food. Leaves are gathered to take them along underground. The burrowed aisles can be several meters in-depth without further ado. Autumnal the female gives birth to about 30 little nymphs. These little "Rhinos" have to live at least a half year with the parents to even survive. The Lifespan overlies ten years and therefore it takes 4 years to become an adult roach. The biggest females can reach among 8 to 9cm in bodylength so Macropanesthia is the biggest unwinged roach until now. And with a weight of almost 35g its also the heaviest roach ever found. It`s safe to say Macropanesthia rhinoceros is a palmful Roach!!! ;-)

    over 6 years ago


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