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     Heteropoda venatoria...

    about 4 years ago

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    Nancy Landrum commented on "Image of Heteropoda venatoria":

    I just read that this spider is from the tropical regions and has infiltrated the Southern regions of the United States, but I live in Northern Illinois near the Mississippi and their numbers are legion. My property does contain part of a ravine in a well populated area, and I have noticed color ranges from almost black to a lighter brindled. I have seen a female in the grass carrying an egg sack that looked like a shiny blue marble, but the spider was so big, maybe it was a marble. We would find them under dog houses and inside the house due to a gas line that had been moved by the previous owners leaving a perfect entrance. When I first saw one I went into shock, thinking it couldn't be real, but it was. We had built an addition on the house, and the back door that led to a small storage area did not have a good seal, or should I say the door was a little too small. The landing that leads to the basement has a large dark door, and one day on my way downstairs I saw a huge dark "Huntswoman" all covered in a web with about 20 already colored spiders surrounding her. Yes, I only did laundry once a week, I hate basements, that's how she was able to pull off this stunt. My son and I were at first terrified and then interested and then sad. Mama spider was dead, but firmly attached to the door with her blanket of web. The babies, which were on their way to their new lives, were big infants, but we managed to catch everyone and take them outside and Mama was removed and laid to rest. Does the female languish after the eggs are hatched? She was firmly attached to the door in the most purposeful way. It was sad and I thought maybe she died so they could dine on her until they could fend for themselves. No other spider could have done this, and if there was one large enough to do it, I never want to see it. Anyway, it would have eaten the young. It was a frightening sight that turned to melancholy. I don't know what a Huntsman would be doing this far north unless there is a Huntsman mimic I don't know about. But the picture is identical. One day there was one on the side of the house, and we took a coffee jar to catch her, but the ends of her legs extended past the opening, so I am amazed at the size they can attain. But I won't be afraid of them anymore, I did live with them awhile.

    about 7 years ago

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    over 7 years ago


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