Greta diaphanus

The Antillean Clearwing, Greta diaphanus is a species of clearwing (ithomiine) butterflies, named by Dru Drury in 1773.


Upper side: antennae black, and very long. thorax and abdomen dark brown. Wings transparent, vitreous. Anterior ones with the posterior edges bending as it were inwards. A small narrow border of dark brown runs entirely round the edges of these wings; and on the anterior edges, about a third from the tips, runs a dark brown streak towards the middle of the wing, close to which is a small white spot joining to the anterior edge. Posterior wings having also a very narrow border running about two-thirds round them, and stopping at the abdominal edges; some long yellowish hairs are placed on the anterior edges near the body.

Under side: palpi, breast, sides, ash-coloured. The dark brown borders surrounding the wings appear on this side of an orange brown colour; the rest as on the upper side. Margins of the wings entire.

Wingspan 2¼ inches (57 mm).[1]


  • Greta diaphanus diaphanus (Jamaica)
  • Greta diaphanus quisqueya (Fox, 1963) (Dominican Republic)


  1. ^ Drury, Dru (1837). Westwood, John, ed. Illustrations of Exotic Entomology 2. pp. 15-16. pl. VII. 
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