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 Colonies. With aerial mycelium composed of colourless or light brownish, regularly septate, 2-4 μm broad hyphae with often partly swollen cells. Conidiophores. Comprising individual conidiogenous cells. Conidiogenous cells. As short, lateral branches on hyphae, sometimes elongating during formation of conidia which are borne singly, in basipetal succession, or in indistinct sympodulae. Conidia. Broadly clavate, obovate or pyriform, with a truncate base, aseptate, colourless, 3-6 × 2-3 μm. Ascomata. Developing on malt-agar at 36°C beneath a lanose mycelial mat, spherical or slightly flattened, usually smooth, black, 140-280 μm diam., with an 8-10 μm thick wall composed of thick-walled, dark brown, 2-3 μm broad, irregularly interwoven hyphal cells, forming a loose textura epidermoidea. Asci. Developing in fascicles from croziers, clavate, stalked, 8-spored, 20-27 × 9-12 μm, evanescent. Ascospores. Ovate or pyriform, brown, 5.5-7 × 4-5.5 μm, thick-walled, each containing 1-2 droplets, and with a distinct germ pore at the attenuated end. 


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