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Head margin broadly rounded, lacking any defining processes; ventral keel, anterior margin rounded, with small midapical indentation; eyes reduced, consisting of 7 scattered ommatidial facets. Antenna 1, ratio of segments 1–3, 43:33:28, peduncle segment 1 and 2 with 3 and 2 plumose setae respectively; flagellum 6-articulate, articles 3–6 with aesthetascs. Antenna 2, flagellum short, 4-articulate. Maxilliped, inner plates fused, apically produced, apical margin with small concave excavation; outer plates lacking inner lobes; palp article 4, 1.36 times length of article 3. Pereonite 1 with small lateral locking ridge.  Gnathopod 1, coxa greatly reduced, apically bifid; remainder of appendage a small bud, articles 2–5 extremely reduced and shriveled. Gnathopod 2, coxa extending deeper than coxa 3–4, distal margin evenly rounded, bearing 10 mediodistal submarginal setules; basis thin, elongate; carpus slightly curved, blunt, reaching 85 percent of propodus, with 6 medial clusters of setae: 2:(2+3):(3+3):(4+1):3:1, distal margin with 5 small submarginal setules; propodus with single row of 7 mediofacial feeding setae, extending 43 percent of propodus length, posterior margin smooth with 3 submarginal setae, anterior margin with 2 prominent apically truncate processes; dactyl straight, inner surface smooth with paired setae on small process near apex, reaching 83 percent on propodus.  Pereopod 3, coxa smaller than 4, rounded ventrally, anterior and posterior margins straight; remainder of pereopods unremarkable. Pereopod 4, coxa slightly larger than 3, posterior margin slightly expanded, remainder of peropod similar to pereopod 3. Pereopods 5–6, coxae bilobed; pereopod 7, coxa entire. Epimera normal for genus. Uropods 1–2, outer rami shortened, approximately 40 percent of inner ramus. Uropod3, outer ramus 40 percent of inner ramus, outer and inner rami with 1 and 2 marginal spines respectively. Telson 1.70 times longer than wide, with 2 apical setae.  Leucomorph.Description of female leucomorph. Head, anterior margin rounded, smooth, eyes consisting of 7 scattered ommatidial facets. Antenna 1, ratio of segments 1–3, 33:26:23; flagellum 5-articulate, articles 4 and 5 with aesthetascs. Antenna2, flagellum short, 5-articulate. Gnathopod 1, coxa moderately reduced, extending to ventral margin of head, apically bifid; carpus shorter than propodus, with two apical recurved spines, anterior margin bare; propodus, posterior margin finely serrate, bearing a thick recurved apical seta. Gnathopod 2, anterior margin of coxa broadly rounded, ventral margin slightly produced, posteroventral corner with small cusp, posterior margin straight; propodus, palm angle transverse, palmar margin defined by series of concavities and processes, corner of palm defined by distinct cusp; dactyl reaching to end of palm. Telson 1.72 times longer than wide, with 2 apical setae.


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© Thomas James Darwin, Traudl Krapp-Schickel

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