Data about Bivalvia

Life History and Behavior

Data about Bivalvia
Additional detail dioecious
  • dioecious
    Dioecy (Greek: "two households"; adjective form: dioecious) is characterised by a species having distinct male and female organisms.
Fairbairn, 2013  
Additional detail sequential hermaphrodite
  • sequential hermaphrodite
    Some members of this lineage are sequential hermaphrodites; they are born as one sex, but can later change into the opposite sex.
Fairbairn, 2013  
Additional detail simultaneous hermaphrodite
  • simultaneous hermaphrodite
    Some members of this lineage are simultaneous hermaphrodites; a condition of hermaphroditic animals (and plants) in which the reproductive organs of both sexes are present and functional at the same time.
Fairbairn, 2013  


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