Sometimes taxonomists create new names for groups that already have a name. They may do this because they are unaware of the original name, or they may think the organism before them belongs to a different group when in fact it does not. If two or more names are found to apply to the same group, they are considered synonyms. In most cases, the first name takes priority and is considered to be the valid or accepted name. However, there can be exceptions, and it's not always easy to determine which of a series of synonyms should be considered valid or accepted. Here we list the synonyms provided to EOL by our classification partners. We also include other versions of the name that most likely refer to the same group, for example, misspellings in the literature or different variations of the authorship associated with the name.

Preferred marks the preferred name from each source.

NCBI Taxonomy

Name Relationship
Buccinidae Preferred
Babyloniidae Synonym

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)

Name Relationship
Buccinidae Rafinesque, 1815 Preferred
Neptuneidae Stimpson, 1865 Other, see comments

World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS)

Name Relationship
Babyloniidae Kuroda, Habe & Oyama, 1971 Preferred
Latrunculus Gray 1847
Peridipsaccus Rovereto 1900
Galanthis Gistel, 1848
Dipsaccus H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853

World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS)

Name Relationship
Buccinidae Rafinesque, 1815 Preferred
Chrysodomus Swainson 1840
Tritonidea Swainson 1840
Photinae Gray 1857
Buccininae Rafinesque, 1815
Pisaniinae Gray 1857
Colinae Gray, 1857
Tritonium O.F. Müller, 1776
Beringiinae Golikov and Starobogatov 1975
Busyconinae Wade, 1917 (1867)
Donovaniinae Casey 1904
Siphonaliinae Finlay, 1928
Jumala Friele 1882
Siphonofusus Kuroda & Habe, 1954
Siphonorbis Mörch 1869
Tritonofusus Beck 1847
Hindsia A. Adams, 1855
Kapala Ponder 1982
Limatofusus Dall 1918
Paranotoficula Kantor & Harasewych, 2008
Costaria Golikov 1977
Sipho Mörch, 1852
Enzinopsis Iredale 1940
Strombella Gray, 1857
Lachesis Risso 1826
Donovania Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus, 1883
Nesaea Risso 1826
Syntagma Iredale 1918
Folineaea Monterosato 1884
Adansonia Pallary 1902
Chauvetiella F. Nordsieck, 1968
Donovaniella F. Nordsieck, 1968
Mada Jeffreys 1867
Mala Cossmann 1901
Madiella Wenz 1943
Buccinopsis Jeffreys 1867
Boreofusus G.O. Sars, 1878
Neptunia Locard 1886
Colicryptus Iredale 1918
Strongylocera Mörch 1852
Benthindsia Iredale 1936
Neoberingius Habe and Ito, 1965
Fulgur Montfort 1810
Echinosipho Kaiser 1977
Brevisiphonia Lus 1973
Parasipho Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1912
Quasisipho Petrov 1982
Verconella Iredale 1914
Pfefferia Strebel 1908
Buccinella Thiele 1912
Buccinola Strand 1928
Evarne H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853
Anentome Cossmann 1901
Canidia H. Adams, 1862
Ellicea Finlay 1928
Aethocola Iredale 1915
Tritiaria Conrad 1865
Microfusus Dall 1916
Sukunaia Cernohorsky 1966
Eucominia Finlay 1926
Zephos Finlay 1926
Acominia Finlay 1926
Evarnula Finlay 1926
Tritonellium Valenciennes 1858
Aplus De Gregorio, 1885
Jeannea Iredale 1912
Euthrena Iredale 1918
Berylsma Iredale 1924
Pyrolofusus [sic]
Reticubuccinum Ito & Habe 1980
Beringion Habe & Ito 1965
Clivipolla [sic]
Golikovia Habe & Sato 1973
Harpofusus Habe & Ito 1965
Folinia [sic]
Muricantharus Olsson 1971


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