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Originally established as a subclass including the orders Actinodontoida, Unionoida, and Trigonioida. Bieler, Carter & Coan (2010) list this taxon as a clade with unspecified rank between superorder and order, and the Bivalve Tree of Life as a superorder. For being more practical and avoiding the multiplication of ranks, we will conserve here the traditional ranking of Pteriomorphia, Palaeoheterodonta and Heterodonta as subclasses although we acknowledge (as "alternate representation) a clade Autobranchia (=Autolamellibranchiata) including (Pteriomorpha (Palaeoheterodonta, Heterodonta)). The phylogenetic hypothesis of a clade Palaeoheterodonta has received overwhelming support from molecular data.
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Source: World Register of Marine Species


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