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Being one of reef fish species prone to exploitation for ornamental reef fish trade, Premnas biaculeatus (Bloch 1790) has yet to be reviewed for IUCN status. In the natural reef environments, this species (Family: Pomacentridae) oftenly found lurking in between tentacles of its anemone host (usually from species Entacmea quadricolor) that may settle on sheltered inshore reefs and on outer slopes. Easily identified due to its bright to brownish red color with three narrow pale bars (white/grey/yellow) located separately from behind the eye to tail base. Usually feed on zooplankton and algae, the spine-cheek or maroon anemonefish can be found throughout the Indo-West Pacific region to West Australia. Maximum length can reach 160 mm for female, while males appear smaller (60-70 mm). The name spine-cheek originated from observeable long spine found below the eyes.


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