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Medium Amblycera (up to 5 mm). Head elongated, almost conical with a blunt rounded apex. Antennae four- or five segmented with a single plate-like (coeloconica) sensilla on the second and third flagellomere, or adjacent if these segments are fused. Labial palps absent. Maxillary palps four segmented but not bearing subterminal setae on the terminal segment. Mandibles somewhat reduced and symmetrical, modified for piercing, not chewing with pointed needle-like tips in some taxa. Probably blood pool feeders (telmophages). Labrum with conspicuous hyaline protrusions (pulvinus) present either side of the mouthparts. Comb-like subocular setal row absent. Alveolus of temporal submarginal setae 26 and 27 (sensu, Clay, 1970) not contiguous and head chaetotaxy atypical for Amblycera. Pronotum separate but mesonotum, metanotum and tergum I of the first abdominal segment fused with a continuous lateral buttress of internal tergal thickening each side. Abdomen somewhat elongated as in Laemobothriidae and well sclerotized. Six spiracles present on segments III-VIII. Male external genitalia well developed. Female anal corona of setae absent. Hosts in Greenland: Passeriformes.


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Source: ViBRANT

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