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Head. Anterior margin truncate, anterodistal margin quadrate with cusp; ventral cephalic keel anterior margin transverse, anteroventral margin quadrate with anteriorly projecting cusp, ventral margin excavate; eyes present with more than 10 ommatidia, round. Antenna 1 0.4 × body length, flagellum 9–articulate, peduncle article 1 width less than 2 × article 2, accessory flagellum 1–articulate. Antenna 2 0.3 × body length, shorter than antenna 1, flagellum 4–articulate. Mouthparts reduced. Maxilliped inner plates bare; outer plate inner margin smooth, reaching 0.1 × palp article 1, bare; palp 4–articulate, article 4 elongate, distally acute.  Pereon. Pereonite 1 with lateral locking ridge. Coxae 1–4 relative widths 1.0: 1.4: 1.5: 1.3. Gnathopod 1 coxa reduced, anterodistal margin produced, subtriangular, bi-cuspidate, distal margin excavate, posterior margin oblique, facial setae absent; basis linear, anterior and posterior margins bare; ischium bare; carpal lobe curved distally, distal length 7.7 × width, proximal margin smooth, distal margin bare, terminal ornamentation absent; propodus curved, palm serrate with several short proximal setae; dactylus absent. Gnathopod 2 coxa longer than broad, subequal in size with coxa 3, smooth, with tiny marginal setae, anterior margin expanded, anterodistally rounded, distal margin rounded, with mid-distal projection and posterodistal cusp, posterior margin straight, facial setae absent; basis distally expanded, anterior margin with 1 small distal tubercle and 2 short setae, posterior margin bare, ischium bare; carpus 0.9 × propodus length, straight, distally tapered, anterior margin smooth; propodus with 1 mediofacial setal row above midline, reaching 0.3 × propodus length, without submarginal setae, posterior margin smooth, palm linear, with 1 large and 1 small triangular projection distally; dactylus straight, reaching 0.3 × propodus length, proximal margin setose with indentation, anterior margin distally obtuse. Pereopod 3 coxa length 1.3 × width, anterodistal corner overriding distal face of coxa 2, not extending below it, smooth, bare, anterior margin expanded, distal margin oblique with posterodistal cusp, posterior margin rounded, facial setae absent. Pereopod 4 coxa smooth, bare, anterior margin produced, distal margin oblique with mid-distal cusp, posterior margin tapered, facial setae absent. Pereopods 5–7 coxae, facial setae absent; bases width length ratios 1: 1.4, 1: 1.4, 1: 1.3, posterior margins smooth, bare.  Pleon. Epimera 1–3 bare; epimeron 3 posteroventral corner quadrate, produced. Uropods 1–3 relative lengths 1.0: 0.8: 1.1. Uropod 1 peduncle 0.9 × inner ramus length, outer ramus length 0.4 × inner ramus length; inner ramus with 3 robust setae, outer ramus with 1 robust seta. Uropod 2 peduncle 0.8 × inner ramus length, outer ramus 0.4 × inner ramus length; inner ramus with 2 robust setae, outer ramus with 1 robust seta. Uropod 3 peduncle 1.1 × inner ramus length, outer ramus 0.8 × inner ramus length; inner ramus with 3 robust setae, outer ramus with 2 robust setae. Telson 1.1 × longer than wide, apex rounded.


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© Kristine N. White, James Davis Reimer

Source: ZooKeys

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