Rhizoplaca glaucophana (Hasse) W. A. Weber — Overview

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 Thallus: 3-7 mm across, ± flat, monophyllous or marginally divided into rounded lobes, often closely appressed throughout; lobes 1-2 mm long, 0.5-1.5 mm wide; edges: turned downward and thickened on underside; upper surface: smooth, white with slight greenish tinge, unchanged in herbarium, somewhat mealy-roughened, sometimes with narrow black edges in places; lower surface: medium yellowish brown to orangish brown, to greenish black near edge; umbilicus distinct; Apothecia: common, mostly marginal (and often projecting somewhat beyond main edge of thallus), long immersed, finally broadly sessile but appressed and scarcely constricted at the base, to 1.0 (-1.4) mm diam.; disc: plane to slightly convex, matt, ± dark or deep brown, usually with reddish or grayish tinges, somewhat pruinose; thalline margin: concolorous with thallus, to 0.1-0.2 mm wide, level with disc, entire to slightly flexuous, occasionally crenate towards outside, finally excluded; hymenium: 50-60 (-80) µm high, hyaline, the uppermost 10 µm inspersed with brownish granules; paraphyses it; ascospores: oblong, often slightly to moderately curved, usually narrowed at one or both ends, (12-) 15-20 (-23) x (3-) 4-5 µm; Pycnidia: occasional; conidia: 20-30 µm long; Spot tests: upper cortex: K-, C+ yellow, KC+ yellow, P-, UV-; medulla: K-, C-, KC-, P-, UV-; Secondary metabolites: upper cortex: with pseudoplacodiolic acid; medulla: none detected.; Substrate and ecology: on calcium poor siliceous rocks, apparently strongly nitrophilous, but growing in somewhat shaded areas; World and Sonoran distribution: California and Baja California, c. 1300 m.; Notes: This species is unlikely to be confused with any other lichen, except occasional small specimens of R. marginalis, from which it is easily separated especially by the elongated, curved spores. 


Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

© Lichen Unlimited: Arizona State University, Tempe.

Source: Lichen Flora of the Greater Sonoran Desert Region

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