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Amoeboid organism with stiffened and branching pseudopodia. Cytoplasm most usually forming a single large mass. Pseudopodia with granules, extending and moving actively. Up to 500 µm in size. Two species, one originally described from freshwater the other coprophilic, but also reported from marine sites. Some reports are of organisms similar to other amoebae (e.g. Arachnula, Gymnophrydium) and the identity of this genus needs clarification. Held by some to be related to the Granuloreticulosea. Type species, Biomyxa vagans Leidy 1879.
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Other taxa that Biomyxa vagans Leidy 1875 and 1879 may be confused with include filopodial/reticulopodial organisms with similar habitus and streaming activities such as Arachnula impatiens [sensu Möbius (1889)] and Reticulomyxa cf. filosa [sensu Tsukii (Protist Information Server: 1999, 2004, 2007)]. Both taxa are misidentified as B. v.

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