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 Elongated worms 10–30 mm long and 7–15 mm wide. Body shape elongated, leaf-shaped, with pointed anterior and posterior ends, and with light undulating margins. Marginal tentacles well developed with whitish edges and pointed ends. Dorsal surface smooth. Background coloration whitish or ivory, with black, continuous stripes; between the stripes, black discontinuous lines are present (Figure 4C). Faint white band runs along the entire body margin (Figure 4A, B). Ventral side smooth and pale. Sucker in middle of body or slightly more posterior (Figure 4E). Cerebral eyes form two compact elongated, frontally anastomosing groups (Figure 4A). Tentacular eyes scarce and mainly at base of tentacles. Tubular pharynx near anterior end, oral pore in posterior region first quarter of the body. Male and female genital pores clearly separated and located behind the pharynx (Figure 4D, E).  Male copulatory apparatus with antero-dorsally oriented prostatic vesicle (Figure 4D, E). Male system consists of a short penis papilla armed with a small conical stylet, a true prostatic vesicle with a smooth glandular epithelium and a seminal vesicle with a thick muscle layer. Vasa deferentia join a dilated common vas deferens that opens into seminal vesicle. Copulatory complex lies forwardly oriented, and seminal vesicle opens through a small duct directly into distal end of prostatic vesicle.  Female system lies posterior to male pore and is characterized by a short, rounded female atrium and a cement duct or pouch. In our specimen, a second dilatation (so-called shell gland pouch) follows the atrium, into which shell glands open. Posteriorly-orientated vagina and numerous uterine vesicles are situated medially to this pouch.


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© Carolina Noreña, Daniel Marquina, Jacinto Perez, Bruno Almon

Source: ZooKeys

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