Station 2, south Grindöy (Grindoy, Store Grindoya), sand beach areas of Tromsø (Tromso), Norway
Collection date: 1969-1971

Station 5, south Tromsöy (Tromso Island, Tromsøya, Tromsøy, Tromsoy, Tromsoya), sand beach areas of Tromsø (Tromso), Norway
Collection date: 1969-1971

Koenigs Bay (Koenigshafens, Konigshafen, Königshafen), Sylt Island, Germany, North Sea
Collection date: 1985 or earlier
Substrate: sand
Comments: deep sulfide layer at depths of more than 5 cm below the sediment surface. Species found at least 3 times. More than 50 individuals.

Sandy beach on eastern shore of Sylt. Litoralstation (old littoral station), Biological Institute Helgoland, Biologische Anstalt Helgoland (BAH), List, Sylt
Collection date: Oct 1969 - Mar 1971
Kind: type locality
Comments: List. Im Sandwatt vor der Litoralstation. Regelmässig über das ganze Jahr.

Ellenbogen, south beach, List, Sylt Island, North Sea
Collection date: Mar 1971
Comments: Ellenbogen-Südseite. Im Sandwatt 2-3 m vom Strandknick entfernt. 3 Exemplare.

Helgoland, Germany
Collection date: Jun 1970
Comments: Helgoland. Nordufer. Im feinen Sand dicht an der Niedrigwasserlinie. Wenige Exemplare.
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1.In fine sand near the lower waterline 3.a. In sand flats 2-3 m from the coast 3.b. In sand flats off the Litoral Station
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Source: World Register of Marine Species


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