Physical Description


Share the following features with Spinocalanidae:
(1) Endopodite of P1 1-segmented with 4 setae
(2) Both rami in P3-P4 3-segmented
(3) Third exopodal segment in P2-P4 with 5 inner setae
(4) Second endopodal segment in P3-P4 with 1 seta; third endopodal segment with 5 setae
(5) P5 absent
Differs with the following features:
(1) Mx2 is strongly transformed with distal endites (4-5) forming claw-like protrusion. Armature of endopodal segments as follows: 2 setae, 2 spines+1 thin seta, 2 spines, 1 seta, 1 seta, distal part of limb with 4 setae.
(2) Mxp syncoxa with 1 minute seta, basis with 2 setae in the proximal part of the segment, 1st endopodal segment (fused to basis) with 1 seta, 2nd segment with 2, 3rd-4th with 1 each, 5th with 2, and 6th with 3 setae.
(3) Exopodite of P1 1-segmented with 4 inner setae
(4) Endopodite of P2 1-segmented

Male unknown.

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