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Masked titis are represented by 5 distinct subspecies, each with their own color patterns (Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, 2001). In general they have black foreheads and sideburns. Their bodies are covered with thick soft grayish to yellowish orange fur. They have a small rounded head and somewhat flattened, high face (Nowak, 1999). The nonprehensile tail is well furred and is the same color as the body, but mixed with black. Hands and feet are black (Rowe, 1996).

Body length: Female 310 – 400mm, Male 350 – 420mm; Tail Length: Female 418 – 560 mm, Male 470 – 550; Weight: Female 970 – 1600g, Male 1050 – 1650g (Rowe, 1996). Dental formula is 2/2 1/1 3/3 3/3 = 36 (Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, 2001). The first upper incisor has a bluntly pointed cutting edge. The second upper incisor is staggered behind the first. The molars are heavy and brachyodont with high, sharp cusps (Nowak, 1999).

Range mass: 970 to 1650 g.

Range length: 310 to 420 mm.

Other Physical Features: endothermic ; bilateral symmetry ; polymorphic


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