Auritella is a genus of fungi in the family Inocybaceae.[3] The genus contains seven species found in temperate Australia and tropical Africa. The genus was circumscribed in a 2006 publication by Brandon Matheny and Neil Bougher.[2] The original publication, however, was later discovered to be invalid because they were unintentionally described as provisional names (nom. prov.) instead of new names (sp. nov.). The authors properly published the genus later that year.[1]


NameAuthority YearDistribution
A. arenacolens(Cleland) Matheny and BougherWestern Australia; South Australia
A. aureoplumosa(Watling) MathenyCameroon
A. chamaecephalaMatheny, O.K.Mill. and BougherWestern Australia
A. dolichocystisMatheny, Trappe and BougherNew South Wales, Australia
A. erythroxa(De Seynes) MathenyGabon
A. geoaustralisMatheny and BougherWestern Australia
A. serpentinocystisMatheny, Trappe and BougherNew South Wales, Australia


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