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Dog-day cicada

Tibicen canicularis, also known as the dogday harvestfly or dog-day cicada is a species of annual cicada.


Two T. canicularis mating.

T. canicularis is recognizable by being mostly black with green markings on its body. The body size is typically 27–33 millimeters, the wingspan can reach 82 mm.[1] The wings are interlaced with green veins which are especially noticeable near the base.[1] The song of T. canicularis is often described as being a loud, high-pitched whine much like like a power saw cutting wood. It lasts for several seconds before fading away at the end of the noise.

Geographical locations[edit]

Common habitats are mixed and deciduous woods in Canada and the Eastern United States. Geographic range includes Northern USA and Southern Canada, East of the Rocky Mountains.[2] Nymphs of the species commonly feed on pine juice and the roots of pine and oak,[1] while the adults are not known to eat at all.




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