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(from Coe, W. R. (1901). Papers from the Harriman Alaska Expedition. XX. The nemerteans.. Proc. Wash. Acad. Sci.. 1-110.)
The color of this species is very striking. The whole dorsal surface back of the head is deep brownish orange, somewhat paler behind. The head is without color, or of a very much paler color than the rest of the dorsal surface, and in the center of this pale area two oval, black or very dark brown spots lie side by side. These are very characteristic, and are conspicuous even in alcoholic specimens. The black spots sometimes occupy a considerable portion of the pale area, and are sometimes sharply angular in front. In the median line of the body the color is slightly paler than elsewhere and in the center of the paler stripe is a dark, but inconspicuous, longitudinal line. The pale stripe and dark line both fade out at a point about 1/5 the distance towards the posterior end of the body. The brain lobes appear as pinkish bodies just posterior to the black cephalic spots. The whole ventral surface is of a homogeneous, pale orange or flesh color, with the exception of pinkish spots marking the position of the brain, and a slightly paler stripe below the anterior portion of the proboscis sheath.


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Source: Nemertea

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