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Oophaga sylvatica (Dendrobatidae) is a diurnal species of poison frog found in the tropical rainforests of northwestern Ecuador and western Colombia (Summers, 1992; Coloma et al., 2013). Like many dendrobatid frogs, O. sylvatica is toxic, and this toxicity is advertised by bright warning coloration (Grant et al., 2006). Previously considered to be within the species Dendrobates histrionicus, O. sylvatica has a similar life history but is differentiated into a separate species due to differences in color pattern and male mating calls (Lötters et al., 1999). Populations of O. sylvatica are highly polymorphic in coloration, ranging from dull brown to bright red to orange with spots of yellow. Oophaga sylvatica exhibits uniparental maternal care of eggs and tadpoles, which is a derived trait in the family (Grant et al., 2006). Oophaga sylvatica is currently listed as near threatened due to declining populations in Ecuador (Coloma et al., 2013).

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