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"Nacella magellanica subspecies magellanica
(Gmelin, 1791)


(Pl. 73, figs. 14, 15; Pl. 178, figs. 1, 2)



Range-Tierra del Fuego, Straits of Magellan, Patagonia and Falkland Islands.


Remarks-This is the common limpet of the Magellanic Region, and it is easily recognised by its roundly oval shape, high-conical profile, nearly central apex, and strong unsculptured radial ribbing.


Description-Shell of moderate size, up to 65.6 mm. (2½ inches) in length, rather solid, roundly ovate and high-conical, with the apex erect and near central, strongly and regularly sculptured with relatively few bold rounded radials that deeply corrugate the margin. The concentric sculpture is confined to weak growth lines that do not render the radials either scabrous or beaded. Colour of exterior variable, pale reddish brown to greenish grey or brown, occasionally with broad dark-brown radial bands. Interior metallic-brown or leaden with the spatula bronzy-chest­nut, and either a continuous or spotted marginal border of very dark-brown, the brown spots, when present, corresponding to the external ribs.


Measurements (mm.)















Strebel, 1907, fig. 94a








Straits of Magellan








Punta Arenas








Straits of Magellan








Straits of Magellan






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(Powell, 1973: 198)


Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 3.0 (CC BY-NC 3.0)

© National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

Source: Antarctic Invertebrates Website (NMNH)

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