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Prostomium with antennae and palps; palps simple. Prostomium not strongly produced anteriorly; with one pair of eyespots (faded, near posterior margin of prostomium); Eyespots absent from anterior chaetigers. Pharynx with bifid terminal papillae present; 20 papillae. Subterminal papillae present; Enlarged median subdistal dorsal papilla absent. Pharynx with 22 rows of subdistal papillae; each row made up of 6–8 papillae. Verrucae present; throughout entire basal region of pharynx (but more abundant in proximal region). Parapodial lobes with post-chaetal lamellae prominent on chaetigers 7–40 or more, but not foliose. Dorsal cirri present from chaetiger 1. Dorsal interramal cirri present, from chaetiger 7–8, cirriform, roughly circular in cross-section, curve inward initially (involute). Dorsal interramal cirrus without basal digitiform process. Ventral interramal cirri present; on chaetigers 8–40. Specialised dentate chaetae absent from notopodium of chaetiger 1. Barred chaetae present in preacicular fascicles. Lyrate chaetae present among postacicular chaetae of middle and posterior chaetigers (from at least chaetiger 9). Spinose post-acicular chaetae absent. Spinulose post-acicular chaetae present (present soon after chaetiger 1). Capillary chaetae present. Barred and lyrate chaetae relatively short, spinulose chaetae much longer, especially those in the middle of each postacicular row.


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Source: Annelida LifeDesk

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