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Description of Chaetospira remex

Body elongated, very contractile; length 150-560 um when extended; housed in tube-like smooth lorica (300-1,250 um long), more or less incrusted with detritus; with long flexible anterior proboscis more than one-quarter of body length when extended; somatic ciliation spirally in 3 rows (very similar to the genus Stichotricha but this is characterized by a comparatively short proboscis of less than one-quarter the length of the body); adoral zone of membranelles very elongated, running along the proboscis; 2 macronuclei; contractile vacuole located in the posterior vicinity of the buccal area. Measurements; Length of cell 175 um; length of lorica 315 um.  Hartmut Bick; Ciliated protozoa: An illustrated guide to the species used as biological indicators in freshwater biology. Geneva:World Health Organization. :1-195, 1972.
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