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Adult S. hipidulus are distinguished from other adult Sitona weevils by the presence of a row of long and erect setae along the median of each elytral interstria. Eyes are weakly convex. Rostrum is without carnia. Frontal rostral groove extends from near the level of the antennal groove to above the upper eye level. Bodies are stout, ranging in length from 3.2 to 4.0 mm. Bodies are black, while antennae, tarsi and tibiae are a dark reddish black colour. The pronotum is wider than it is long, widest in the middle and strongly arcuate. The pronotal surface is shiny with large scattered deep punctures, each puncture possessing an erect seta. The groove on the prosternum is evident between the fore coxae and the anterior of the prosternum. The elytra are parallel for two thirds of the length and may be slightly arcuate. The elytral surface has large strial punctures that are not visible due to dense surface scales. The vestiture consists of dense, small scales, completely covering the interstriae and striae and includes median interstrial rows of erect, long and hair-like setae. Scales may be light brown, forming indistinct brownish spots. (Adapted from Bright 1994, Bright and Bouchard 2008)


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