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 Male. Body sparsely covered with short setae; the total number of setose tubercles and setae on pronotal borders, hypomeron, vertex, mandibles and the last segment of maxillary palpus about 14–18 and 22–28, respectively.  Head bent at acute angle to pronotum, each side with a longitudinal, shallow groove between clypeus and gena. Labrum without setae, anterior border rounded. Oculus oval.  Pronotum: transverse, widest near middle, with the anterior part distinctly narrowed and the posterior part slightly narrowed; anterior border broadly emarginated and the emargination straight in middle; lateral borders broadly protuberant, flattened and stretched laterally; posterior border of pronotum bisinuate (Fig. 1: 13); anterior angles acute, posterior angles obtuse; disc flat, without setae, with short and narrow furrows.   Mesonotum slightly convex in middle of posterior part, posterior border protuberant. Posterior border of metanotum straight.  Elytral sheath striped and sparsely setose. Metathoracic wing sheath incompletely shrouded by elytral sheath (Fig. 1: 10–12).   Abdominal segments III–IX curved ventrally. The width of abdominal segments I–VII subequal to each other. Posterior border of abdominal sternite VIII slightly emarginated in middle, each side of the emargination with a long seta. Posterior border of abdominal tergite IX emarginated in middle; urogomphi diverging from each other, BUL subequal to UL (Fig. 1: 15–16). Abdominal tergites I–VII each with a concaveness between its lateral process and lateral border in middle, lateral processes each with 2 equally large and several minute setose tubercles along outer border, of which no minute setose tubercle presents in front of large setose tubercles I, 1 minute setose tubercle between large setose tubercles I and II and behind II, respectively (Fig. 1: 17–18). Outer borders of lateral processes of abdominal tergites I–VI straight. Spiracles of abdominal tergites I–VI nearly rounded, slightly convex.   Gonotheca without apophysis.  Female. Similar to the male, but posterior border of abdominal sternite VIII broadly protuberant; gonotheca without apophysis on the anterior part but with a conical apophysis on the posterior part.


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© Jia Long, Ren Guo-Dong, Yu You-Zhi

Source: ZooKeys

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