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Type locality: Taylor's Mistake (Christchurch), Timaru, and south to Stewart Island; N.W. Nelson Province
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Durvillaea willana

Durvillaea willana is a kelp species. It is similar to D. antarctica but is found in more sheltered coasts. D. willana has smaller blades than D. antarctica and is usually found lower on the shoreline because its tolerance of wave action is not as great as D. antarctica (Bradstock, 1989). D. willana has no common name in New Zealand, however is usually mistaken for bull kelp, Durvillaea antarctica. D. willana stipes are thick and long. Off the stipe there are side branches of small fronds, this gives the algae a tree like form. The fronds are not honeycombed like D. antarctica. The holdfast becomes large and spreads like a plate on rocky substrates (Bradstock, 1989).


  • Bradstock, M. 1989. Between the Tides. David Bateman Limited, New Zealand.

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