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After leading the EOL technical team for 5 years, I have moved to an advisory role and returned to the technology section where I work for MassChallenge ( For most of my career I've been a software professional and for most of my life I've been an avid field naturalist with particular interest in fungi. Prior to MassChallenge and EOL, I was a software architect and manager in the R&D department at DreamWorks Animation where I focused on collaboration tools and open source software. I have also worked for Digital Domain, Apple Computer and SRI International as well as some Silicon Valley startups. I have a masters in computer science from University of California, Santa Cruz where my thesis was on using computers to identify fungi and a masters in experimental psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. My interests in computers, fungi and citizen science have led me to create several mushroom related websites including the Mushroom Observer (

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Nathan Wilson
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an enthusiast, a citizen scientist, a professional scientist
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Former Director of Biodiversity Informatics for the Encyclopedia of Life, Former Director of the Center for Library and Informatics, Marine Biological Laboratory, Creator of the website, Member of Mycological Society of America, Collaborator with David Hibbett, Anne Pringle and Rod Tulloss.

Curation scope
Primary focus has been western US macrofungi although I am also familiar with many other North American and world wide fungi, and am rapidly learning about eastern US macrofungi since moving to Massachusetts.