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I am a Hungarian biologist, currently working on my PhD in Japan. I am interested in the taxonomy and ecology of land snails, (Plectopylidae, Orculidae, Enidae, Hygromiidae, Clausiliidae). Most important publications: Páll-Gergely, B. & Németh L. (2008): Observations on the breeding habits, shell development, decollation, and reproductive anatomy of Pontophaedusa funiculum (MOUSSON 1856) (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Clausiliidae, Phaedusinae) — Malacologia Bohemoslovaca 7: 11-14. Páll-Gergely, B. & Csabai, Z. (2008): Notes on the continental malacofauna of Rhodes, with two new species to the fauna of the island — Malacologia Bohemoslovaca 7: 76-78. Hausdorf, B. & Páll-Gergely, B.: Monacha oecali new species from southern Turkey (Gastropoda: Hygromiidae) (2009) — Journal of Conchology 40(1): 15-17. Páll-Gergely, B. (2009): Revision of the Turkish Ramusculus taxa with description of Ayna gen. nov. (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Enidae) — Journal of Conchology 40(1): 73-77.
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