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Associate Professor of Biology, Curator of Mammals and Birds, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Yahnke CJ, 2006. Habitat use and natural history of small mammals in the Paraguayan chaco. Mastozoologia Neotropical, 13(1);103-116. Yahnke CJ, 2006. Testing optimal foraging theory using bird predation on goldenrod galls. American Biology Teacher, 68(8):471-475. Yahnke CJ, PL Meserve, TG Ksiazek, and JN Mills. 2001. Patterns of infection with Laguna Negra virus in wild populations of Calomys laucha in the central Paraguayan chaco. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 65(6):768-776. Yahnke CJ, I Gamarra de Fox, and F Colman. 1998. Mammalian species richness in Paraguay: the effectiveness of national parks in preserving biodiversity. Biological Conservation 84:263-268. Yahnke CJ, J Unger, BA Lohr, DA Meritt, and W Heuschele. 1997. Age specific fecundity, litter size, and sex ratio in the chacoan peccary (Catagonus wagneri). Zoo Biology 16:301-307. Yahnke, CJ, WE Johnson, E Geffen, D Smith, F Hertel, MS Roy, CF Bonacic, TK Fuller, B Van Valkenburgh, and RK Wayne. 1996. Darwin’s fox: a distinct endangered species in a vanishing habitat. Conservation Biology 10:366-375. Yahnke CJ. 1995. Metachromism and the insight of Wilfred Osgood: evidence of common ancestry for Darwin’s fox and the Sechura fox. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 68:459-467 American Society of Mammalogists National Association of Biology Teachers Sigma XI
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