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1. Research scientist at the Ntural History Museum London, specialising in coccolithopres (extant and fossil). 2. Numerous publications on coccolithopre biology evolution and taxonomy most obviously Young, J. R., Geisen, M., Cros, L., Kleijne, A., Probert, I. & Ostergaard, J. B. 2003. A guide to extant coccolithophore taxonomy. Journal of Nannoplankton Research, Special Issue 1, 1-132. Young, J. R., Geisen, M. & Probert, I. 2005. A review of selected aspects of coccolithophore biology with implications for palaeobiodiversity estimation. Micropaleontology 51(4), 267-288. 3. Relevant profesional society memberships: International Nannopalnkton Association, Phycological Society, The Micropalaeotological Society, Palaeontological Asociation
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My prime specialist expertise is in coccolithophores including in the classification the Orders Coccosphaerales and Isochrysidales. NB The current classification on the EOL website requires numerous corrections, which I would be willing to undertake/assist with.