Francois Michonneau

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I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Florida and the Florida Museum of Natural History.

My research interests are motivated by the diversity of life especially in the ocean. My dissertation focuses on the evolution, speciation, biogeography and taxonomy of sea cucumbers. I have been working mostly on species found in shallow waters of the Indo-West Pacific.

Computing technologies are revolutionizing science by centralizing information and allowing researchers to perform complex analyses. That's why I like to write code (mostly in R) to develop new ways to analyzing and visualizing data.

In my spare time, I enjoy photographing the diversity of shapes and colors found in Nature.

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Francois Michonneau
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I'm a 5th year graduate student at the University of Florida. My dissertation focuses on the systematics, evolution, biogeography and speciation in holothuroids associated with coral reefs. I have co-authored 3 peer-reviewed publications on holothuroids (available at and have many more manuscripts in preparation. I also reviewed 5 taxonomic manuscripts.
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Holothuroids associated with coral reefs (West Atlantic & Indo-West Pacific)