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Master of Science in Organismic Biology and Evolution from Humboldt University Berlin. Master's Thesis on taxonomic revision and phylogeny of an ampharetid worm genus conducted at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, CA.

For my dissertation, I switched gears and worked on a group of fishes, the Syngnathidae (seahorses, pipefishes and seadragons). I investigated the evolutionary relationships of all main lineages of syngnathids. Much of my work focused on understanding the distribution of seadragons, a small group of syngnathids with amazing camouflage. In the course of this work, our group discovered the Ruby Seadragon, which is only the third species of seadragon worldwide.

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Terebelliform polychaetes, namely Ampharetidae, Alvinellidae, Trichobranchidae, Terebellidae, Pectinariidae. Syngnathidae.